Want to drink beer at a college football game next season? Here’s where you should go

If you haven’t had enough to drink at the tailgate, there are 34 college football stadiums across the country that will sell you beer during next year’s football games.

According to the map created by Vine Pair, which you can see at the top of this page, seven of the 34 beer-serving schools are in Power 5 conferences. Three of them – Miami, Louisville and Syracuse – are in the ACC, while no SEC schools serve beer in their stadiums.

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The list does not include the numerous schools that serve beer or other types of alcohol in their suites, Saturday Down South said.

Many schools have realized selling beer at college football games is a big source of extra revenue, and SDS also said the number of major programs that sell beer at their games has doubled in the last six years.

So as another college football season comes to a close and you start to plan next year’s road trips, the map above can help you decide, if you’re into drinking while watching football, of course.

Map via Vine Pair

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