#TBT: World War II begins, 1941

On Dec. 8, 1941, there was only one story the United States was talking about – the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The Atlanta Constitution released a special edition newspaper that day, and in the image above, you can see the headline they chose for that infamous event. This photo was posted recently to the Atlanta History Center’s Tumblr page, giving us a look back at a day that must have been filled with fear all over the country.

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Back in 2011, a group of Georgia Tech students published a web project that focused on Atlanta’s reaction to the Pearl Harbor attacks, and they found that much of the city learned of the bombings by listening to the radio. Several downtown movie theaters interrupted their screenings with a news report, an article mentioned.

Most of the people interviewed by local news outlets were unsure where Pearl Harbor was located, the web project also said. Atlantans were at first confused by the attacks, but that confusion quickly turned to anger, the website added, and those sentiments only worsened when the Atlanta Constitution published, on Dec. 8, 1941, the names, addresses and occupations of all Japanese-Americans living in the city.

Of course, like so many other American cities, the anger quickly turned to patriotism. Atlanta sent many young men off to war, and thousands of the city’s women filled factories to help produce supplies for the USA.

Image: Tumblr/Atlanta History Center

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