Best of 2015: The 9 most popular Breslanta articles of the year

Another year is coming to a close, and it’s been a very successful one for Breslanta. By New Year’s Eve, the website projects to reach 100,000 views for the year, only the second time that’s happened – and the second year in a row I’ll reach that milestone.

I would never be able to approach that number without the nine stories below. You guys read and shared each of these nine stories in large numbers, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

(More: SunTrust Park construction, December update)

I thank you for your support, and for continuing to come back. It keeps me writing, even at the end of long days when I wrote all day at my job!

9. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is blocking constituents and journalists on Twitter (Feb. 26) – A deeper look at a bizarre decision by the mayor.

8. An exclusive interview with the author of the Hawks’ Twitter account (Feb. 10) – Here’s what he had to say.

7. One of Atlanta’s most unique eateries is about to close (Oct. 13) – This post will make you hungry.

6. The Hawks now have the longest winning streak in Atlanta sports history (Jan. 25) – Relive a historic month for the Atlanta Hawks.

5. A stunning rebuild: 21 of the Braves’ top 30 prospects weren’t with the franchise 13 months ago (Dec. 10) – Fans might be tired of the rebuild, but it’s likely to pay off in the long run.

4. Look: While you were watching football, Dennis Schröder redefined swag (Jan. 11) – During the Hawks’ record winning streak, the point guard had an awesome reaction to a basket.

3. Your jaw may drop when you see Georgia Tech’s incredible new student apartment building (Sept. 23) – Check out the photos.

2. Big, bad Miami players pick on FSU kicker during pregame warmups (Oct. 11) – Hey, I’m an FSU fan, and every now and then, one of these slips out.

1. An Atlanta radio gag may go horribly wrong if the Hawks keep winning (Jan. 5) – One of my first posts of the year was also the most popular.

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