SunTrust Park construction: December 2015 update

We’re now into the second winter since ground was broken on SunTrust Park, and the stadium’s outer façade is beginning to take shape.

With several of the light towers and scoreboard frames in place, crews have started to place brick and concrete around the outer skeleton of the stadium, which will hide some of the building’s inner workings and make it look really pretty at the same time.

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Inside the structure, concrete continues to be poured and molded for the lower levels, on which the seats closest to the action will sit.

Also, the shops and residential areas outside the stadium that will make up the rest of the facility are now under construction.

The animated aerial image I usually post at the bottom of this monthly update is taking this month off, so in lieu of that, here’s a still image from the official SunTrust Park webcam.


How pretty is that?

If you’d like to browse each of my ground photos individually, you can do that in the slideshow below.

Ground images by Sean Breslin; aerial image via Atlanta Braves

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