Here’s where Georgia ranks in terms of generosity

‘Tis the season for giving, and some states are just better at it than others. As for the Peach State, a recent report shows that we’re near the top.

According to WalletHub, Georgia ranks as the seventh most generous state in the country. The financial planning website scored each state on eight metrics and found Georgia ranks higher than most in giving.

Georgia was one of two states in the Southeast to place in the top 10, with Tennessee (No. 6) being the other. The most generous state, according to WalletHub, is Utah. And if you’re looking for a political angle, WalletHub also found red states are more generous than blue ones.

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The U.S. ranks No. 2 in the world in terms of charitable giving, according to the World Giving Index. Only Myanmar ranks higher, their data found.

WalletHub said 95.4 percent of American homes give to charities, donating an average of $2,974 per year.

Does that number seem low or high to you? Feel free to comment below.

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