#TBT: Downtown Connector construction, 1950

The little road under that bridge is the humble beginning of Atlanta’s Downtown Connector, under construction in 1950.

This image, provided by the Atlanta Time Machine, shows an area that has become one of the busiest roadways in the state of Georgia over the last 65 years. When construction began, however, there was no way to know what this highway would become.

Now, the Downtown Connector is the meeting point of Interstates 75 and 85 as they snake through the middle of town, 12 or so lanes wide.

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The image you see above was taken looking north at Fifth Street in Midtown. This is just north of the Georgia Tech campus, which is just southwest of where this image was taken. Today, the Fifth Street bridge connects the still-growing GT campus on either side of the Connector.

That photo was taken by the Georgia Department of Transportation on Feb. 25, 1950, according to the Atlanta Time Machine. Below is a Google Map image of how that same spot looks today.


Main image: Georgia Department of Transportation

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