petition to fire Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan launched

To say that there’s anger and panic right now among Falcons Nation would be an extreme understatement.

Quarterback Matt Ryan is in the midst of his worst season as a pro, and the offense has fallen to 14th in the league in scoring despite being No. 5 in yards per game. This development has reportedly led Ryan to voice his concerns – something he rarely does – about the new offense being installed by offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

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While the jury is still out about head coach Dan Quinn, hundreds of fans have already made their final decision about Shanahan, and they’re saying, after 12 games, that he needs to go.

A petition has been started to send a letter to Falcons owner Arthur Blank urging him to fire Shanahan. The petition states that the team’s offensive coordinator is a hindrance to this team’s rebuilding effort, and with a new stadium set to open in 2017, the Falcons cannot continue on this current path of mediocrity if they’re going to compete for a division title when Mercedes-Benz Stadium opens.

“Kyle Shanahan, the egotistical offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons, has overstayed his welcome as a part of our beloved Falcons,” the petition says.

At this writing, the petition had earned more than 530 signatures from fed-up Atlanta fans.

Admittedly, I agree with the sentiments of the petition. As a Falcons fan, I have not seen the development of the offense I’d hoped for under Shanahan, and he appears to be too edgy to coach this offense.

The moment that put me over the top happened in the first offensive drive of the Falcons’ loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Nov. 22. The Colts had just turned the ball over in Falcons territory, giving the offense a prime opportunity to get early points and set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.

Instead, Shanahan chose to force three passes to wide receiver Roddy White, one of the greatest players in Falcons history, because the fan base griped that he wasn’t getting enough targets. The drive stalled and a missed field goal left the Falcons with no points.

They would lose 24-21.

This kind of stuff can’t continue for the Falcons’ offense, but I fear it will until Shanahan is removed.

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