Records would suggest it’s time for the Falcons to bring back the black uniforms

At the end of the 2012 season, the Atlanta Falcons ditched the awesome black uniforms, as well as the throwbacks you see above.

Things have not gone well for the Atlanta Falcons since they ditched those awesome black uniforms.

While the lack of success certainly has far more to do with the humans inside the football uniforms, Redditor “myatl” recently pointed out that the Falcons are a lousy 16-26 since the team officially got rid of the black alternative jerseys.

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Most would agree that the old black Falcons uniform with the red helmet was one of the best looks the team has had in the 21st century. The old logo was extremely popular as well, and it would be great to see them go back to it.

Look at the Hawks. They brought back the old “Pac-Man” logo in time for the 2014 playoffs and re-adopted it as their primary logo starting with the 2014-15 season. That year, they had the most successful season in franchise history, complete with a No. 1 seed in the playoffs and their first trip to the Eastern Conference Finals.

I don’t know, maybe give it a shot, Falcons?

The Falcons have already disclosed on their website that there’s no chance of seeing the black jerseys in 2015. Not the alternates and not the throwbacks. Sorry, fans.

I’ll be wearing my black Matt Ryan jersey Sunday afternoon at the Dome. Hopefully, it’ll be all the good karma Atlanta needs to get a win, since we already know the black jerseys won’t be back at any point this season.

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