SunTrust Park construction: November update

Now, it’s starting to look like a baseball park.

Another month of construction is complete at the SunTrust Park site, and on Tuesday, the Braves announced via Twitter that all concrete framing has been completed on the stadium. That stage of the project was completed on time and on budget, the team also reported.

(Watch: 24 hours of planes going in and out of Atlanta)

In all, 43,000 cubic yards of concrete have been poured at the site, or about 14 trucks’ worth every day for a year. Getting to this stage took 845,000 man hours, the franchise also said.

Frames for the light towers and scoreboards have also been installed, and some bricks are already in place along the stadium’s exterior. It’s rapidly becoming the thing of beauty we were promised.

Here’s the aerial image, via Xan Gerson:


If you’d like to browse each of my ground photos individually, you can do that in the slideshow below.

Ground images via Sean Breslin; aerial images via Xan Gerson

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