Georgia Tech football players practice field goals in Wednesday’s downpour

While thousands of Atlanta drivers were being tortured by the combination of bad weather and Rush Hour traffic, three young men were downtown doing something constructive with their time.

A trio of Georgia Tech football players took to the outdoor practice field in the torrential – and I mean torrential – downpour to squeeze in a little more field goal practice.

It’s clear that the kicker is not Harrison Butker, who wears No. 87 and does all the place-kicking for the Yellow Jackets; these are likely three walk-ons who were just looking to get a little face time on the program’s Twitter account. Punter Ryan Rodwell does wear No. 85, so the holder could possibly be him.

Still, bravo, gentlemen.

Here’s the video, in all its glory:

Image: Screenshot via Twitter/GT Football

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