Here’s where Falcons fans rank in terms of drunkenness

We all know NFL fans like to drink. A lot.

Now, thanks to breathalyzer app BACtrack, we know which fanbases are the drunkest.

According to CBS Sports, the app spent several weeks earlier in the NFL season taking anonymous blood alcohol content samples from tailgating fans at 27 of 32 NFL stadiums. They did not get data from Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Oakland, St. Louis or the New York Jets.

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Falcons fans, the study found, rank 16th-drunkest out of the 27 fanbases studied. On average, Atlanta fans had a BAC of .043.

Of course, this study was done before the Falcons began their downward spiral, losing three out of the last four games to lousy opponents. Falcons fans are probably drinking a lot more now.

The entire league might also be shocked to learn the study ranked New Orleans Saints fans among the most sober in the NFL. They ranked No. 25 out of the 27 teams studied.

If you have Bourbon Street in your city and you’re still among the most sober fanbases, well, kudos. Most cities wouldn’t be able to pull that off.

Here’s a look at all 27 fanbases from which BACtrack got data. Unsurprisingly, Buffalo Bills fans are fairly drunk at their football games.

Drunkest NFL fans

Stock photo/Paulina Łohunko

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