Vox says the deadliest interstate in America is right here in Atlanta

Every so often, Atlanta’s highway message boards flash a message that shows the number of deaths on state roads in the past year, and tells motorists to drive safely.

There’s a reason why they remind us of that – it’s dangerous to drive on Georgia’s roads.

A Vox study of our nation’s interstates collected all data on traffic fatalities on those roadways in 2013. Their research revealed the deadliest interstate in America is I-285.

(Photo: Here’s how Atlanta’s Big 3 interstates looked in the 1960s)

According to their data, Vox found there were 26 fatal accidents that caused a total of 29 deaths along I-285 in 2013. Their rankings were ordered by which interstate had the most fatal accidents per 10 miles; I-285, with 3.5 such crashes per each 10-mile span of roadway, was the most dangerous.

Vox’s interactive map that shows each of the deadly crashes plotted out indicates that there was a high concentration of fatal accidents on the north and south ends of I-285. The safest stretch of the interstate appears to be on the west side, between I-75 and I-20, where no fatal crashes were reported.

The study also found that Georgia had the seventh-highest number of fatal accidents in 2013, with 1,085 in one year.

The next four deadliest interstates were I-710 in California, I-240 in Oklahoma, I-495 in Delaware and I-240 in Tennessee, in that order.

Image: flickr/greeblie

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