Will 2016 bring us reopened Noche restaurants? It’s beginning to sound like it

Last month, an Atlanta staple closed all of its doors for good – or so we thought.

Here to Serve restaurants got caught in the middle of a messy divorce, and as a result, all of its Atlanta eateries closed abruptly in early October. The closure included such restaurants as Noche, Aja, Coast, Prime, Strip and Twist, but few were as popular as Noche, which had several locations around the city.

Now, Here to Serve founder Tom Catherall wants to bring back a few of the dining establishments he once owned, and he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he’d like to start with Noche.

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The Noche locations Catherall believes he can get up and running quickest are the two located in Virginia Highlands and Vinings(!!!), he told AJC.com. When asked how quickly, he said he’d like to have them open by January, or February at the latest.

But this isn’t a slam-dunk. Catherall lost the H2S brand in his divorce with ex-wife Leigh, and he’ll have to work hard with lawyers and landlords to get these spaces occupied again.

It gets worse, according to What Now Atlanta. Their sources say “Leigh took a loan with a local bank when she inherited the restaurants, and used assets in the eateries (furniture, equipment, etc.) as collateral. The undisclosed bank has since liquidated most all the assets, leaving all but empty spaces, our insider suggests.”

It’s a positive sign, however, that Tom is working to rebuild his fallen brand, even if it means starting over at the very beginning.

Starting with Noche makes this blogger very happy. If I can be eating Trailer Park Tacos again by Groundhog Day, I’ll be even happier.

Image via Here to Serve website

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