#TBT: Atlanta’s Big 3 downtown highways in the 1960s

Atlanta’s roads are a massive mess these days, with streets leading in every direction and constant construction as politicians continue to hope in vain that they can solve the issues of sprawl.

But it wasn’t always like that; the first installment of Breslanta’s #ThrowbackThursday is proof.

Check out the image above, from a postcard in the 1960s. It shows a much simpler network of highways in downtown Atlanta. This, believe it or not, is the area where Interstates 20, 75 and 85 meet, near the Capitol building.

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The large road that snakes from the bottom-left of the image to the top-right is I-20, which runs east to west in the southern part of the city. I-75 and 85, which are one road running north and south through the downtown area, go from the top-left of the photo to the bottom-right.

There’s one building in the image that you might recognize – that white one at the top. That’s the Georgia State Archives building, which still sits on Capitol Avenue, just north of where Turner Field is located today.

For comparison, here’s how that same area looked in 2007:

Atlanta Cloverleaf

Image via the Atlanta Time Machine

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