Waze has surprising news about Atlanta’s average commute

When it comes to our daily commute, traffic app Waze doesn’t seem to think we have it so bad in Atlanta.

According to its blog, Waze found the average Atlanta commute is 34.1 minutes. That’s lower than all of the other major American cities they studied, including Boston (37.5 minutes), New York City (38.7) and Los Angeles (35.9).

Of all the cities studied, Manila came out with the worst average commute – 45.5 minutes. Atlanta’s drivers also have one of the highest satisfaction rates of major cities around the world, Waze also found.

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I don’t know about y’all, but I rarely feel satisfied behind the wheel when I’m stuck in another intense round of the Big Peach’s bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Atlanta has received other recent accolades for its seemingly light traffic. Earlier this year, TomTom also had favorable marks for Atlanta’s traffic, ranking the Capital of the South 93rd out of 146 large cities around the world.

I guess we should all stop complaining about our commutes.*

Photo: flickr/Matt Lemmon

* Especially me, since my commute is, on average, between four and six minutes in the morning.

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