Atlanta’s new MLS team is getting quite a bit of support

Atlanta’s Major League Soccer team is still more than a year and a half from its first game, but the city is already pledging to support this club in a big way.

According to Dirty South Soccer, Atlanta United Football Club has already secured more than 26,000 deposits for season tickets, club president Darren Eales told local sports radio station 92.9 The Game. That’s an increase from 24,000 deposits in July, the report added.

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Dirty South Soccer also notes that only three MLS teams are averaging more than 26,000 per game this season, and two of those are expansion franchises. Soccer Stadium Digest backs up that claim.

This is great news for a town that many say won’t be able to sustain an MLS club, at least not for long. Atlanta is well known as a football town – college, in particular – and after the failure of multiple professional hockey franchises, it’s fair to question if the city was ready to pick up another sports team.

So far, they’re passing the ATL United test with flying colors.

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