The Falcons are 5-0, and that’s all that really matters

Don’t feel the need to apologize for a 5-0 start, Falcons fans.

I know it’s in our nature to want to feel remorse because we aren’t afforded the same luxuries as the New Yorks, Bostons or Chicagos of the world. If their teams win, it doesn’t matter how they got there. When Atlanta does it, there’s always something negative we should be focused on instead of the fact that our team is winning.

But this franchise has been in Atlanta for 50 seasons, and this is only the second time they’ve started 5-0. Shouldn’t that be enough for us?

It is for me.

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The Falcons have rolled through the NFC East, beating all four teams in that division. They also took out the Houston Texans, widely believed to be an improving team.

Sunday’s win wasn’t perfect, but it was enough. The Falcons faced the top rushing offense in the league; they held the Redskins to just 51 yards on the ground. Washington also led the NFL in time of possession, but against Atlanta, they had the ball for less than 28 minutes of a game that went more than 60.

Yet again, Atlanta scored on defense, the third time that’s happened this year. It’s not just that this defense has become more stout. All of a sudden, they’re capable of taking over and completely changing the trajectory of a game.

Why would anyone apologize for that?

If you missed it, here’s how the Falcons won Sunday’s game:

Now, they’re 5-0 with a nonsense Thursday night game in New Orleans ahead. Honestly, they’ll likely lose this game due to the weird nature of it, and that’s OK. Who would complain about 5-1 when the Falcons won just six games all of last season?

Sure, it’s New Orleans, but at this point, the 1-4 Saints are not a threat to the Falcons. The Falcons have bigger aspirations this year, and it’s far more important that this squad escapes New Orleans healthy than with a victory.

Maybe the Falcons should keep their starters home. Now that would be a statement for the NFL and their dumb Thursday night games.

Photo: AP/Brynn Anderson

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