Your jaw may drop when you see Georgia Tech’s incredible new student apartment building

Note: For clarity, this is not housing provided by Georgia Tech. The apartment building is off-campus, private housing.

There’s a new apartment building for Georgia Tech students that puts our memories of university housing to shame.

Located across the highway from campus, University House is easily the most pristine place housing Georgia Tech’s students. The building opened this fall, and its first 700 or so tenants are now living in its sparkling rooms and attending classes nearby.

“Gone are the musty communal showers, beaten-down kitchens and deplorable furnishings of higher-education past,” wrote Curbed Atlanta. “The roughly 700 Tech students to nab a bed here will enjoy sparkling city views, vintage arcade games, multiple lounges and a resort-style pool with a freakin’ Jumbotron.”

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Curbed Atlanta adds that the apartment building also has pool tables, other fun games and a state-of-the-art workout facility. Oh, and study rooms and an Internat Cafe where students can catch up on schoolwork.

How much is it charging students to rent a unit? That hasn’t been disclosed, but all rooms are occupied.

If you’d like to see what this University Utopia looks like – come on, you know you do – I have posted some photos of the apartment high-rise below.

For best viewing, click on the first photo and scroll through the slideshow with your arrow keys.

All images courtesy of Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

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