No, you didn’t learn anything about your college football team yesterday

Normally on vacation this time of year, the Voice of Reason has stopped by to offer a little advice to college football fans after one Saturday of a new regular season.

It’s highly unlikely that anything your favorite team did yesterday will matter in the long run. Yes, I said it.

Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule. Namely, if your rooting interests are with Alabama, Wisconsin, Louisville, Auburn or a handful of other schools that didn’t play a glorified high school team this weekend.

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But for the rest of us, we didn’t learn a damn thing about our new squad in Week 1, and if you say otherwise, you’re lying to yourself.

Your running back’s Heisman campaign didn’t start last night. It starts when he plays the first real opponent on your team’s schedule.

And if your team struggled with a lower-tier opponent, it’s not time to fire your coach just yet. Every team is rusty in Week 1, and think of Georgia Tech last season – they nearly lost to Georgia Southern early in the year, only to rebound and win the Orange Bowl against previously-top-ranked Mississippi State.

So let’s take one thing and one thing only from Week 1: our players stayed healthy. If you can say that about your alma mater, the first game was a success.

Let’s save all the other projections for October, when most teams will finally start playing games that’ll matter in the long run and the College Football Playoff committee will start paying attention.

Photo: AP/Jonathan Bachman

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