This map shows just how much parking we have in Downtown Atlanta

If there’s one thing most Americans know about the city of Atlanta, it’s that our traffic would send even the most patient person on the planet into a cold sweat.

Every weekday, so many of our city’s drivers descend on the downtown area to work or spend the day enjoying the food, parks or other attractions. Crucial pieces of this daily operation are the parking decks, scattered all over town.

Reddit user ArchEast developed a map to show all of the downtown area’s decks. It shows us how much of Downtown Atlanta is occupied by parking, further proof that Atlanta’s residents thrive on driving themselves everywhere.

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Check out how much of this map is filled up by parking decks:

Atlanta parking lots

For those of you who prefer Midtown, here’s another map for that area:

Midtown Atlanta parking

Happy hunting, drivers!

Parking deck image: stock photo; parking map via Reddit/ArchEast

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