ESPN ranks Atlanta’s pro uniforms the worst in America

Atlanta is home to some of the most classic uniforms in sports history: the red Falcons helmet with the old-school bird, the Hawks jersey with the “Pac-Man” logo and the “A” on the Braves hat that was made famous when Dirty South rap became a worldwide phenomenon.

Heck, I own more Thrashers gear now than I ever did when the franchise was in Atlanta. I still have plenty of love for that bird.

But recently, a few of those uniforms have been tinkered with, and some of the tradition has been thrown out. has noticed – of the 20 American cities with at least three major professional sports teams, no city got a lower score for the likability of its uniforms than Atlanta.

“The Hawks’ new uniforms, unveiled earlier this summer, haven’t yet appeared on the court, but they’re bad enough to rank among the NBA’s worst,” they said. “Toss in the Falcons (those striped sleeves make the jersey look like a clown costume), and you have a hole that not even the Braves can dig you out of.”

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Frankly, I wouldn’t have ranked Atlanta’s get-ups below those of Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Phoenix, Minneapolis or Miami. I think the new Hawks uniforms will grow on people, and if you do this same list in a few years, Atlanta will probably move up.

But they can’t move down from the lowest spot on the countdown, so (stop me if you’ve heard this from an Atlanta fan before) there’s always next year. Keep in mind that we were also docked points for the Georgia Dome – huh? – so with that gone in a couple of years, I guess our uniforms will look better then?

Quick – find me something that will redeem the city of its sports losing streak! Wait, I found it myself. Georgia Tech’s 2015 football season tickets, which are incredibly clean and way too awesome:

Even Georgia fans should think those are cool. I wonder if ESPN would agree?

Image: AP/Lenny Ignelzi

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