We already have our worst hype video of the 2015 college football season

When your team is coming off a 37-26 record over the last half-decade, that’s usually not the time to make a hype video proclaiming your dominance over the college football world, right?

Allow me to introduce you to Lawyer Mike, who couldn’t agree less.

This diehard Florida Gator fan apparently spent the last five years in Sopchoppy, where news doesn’t get out real fast living under a rock, because he seems to have no idea what the 2015 Florida Gators are setting him up for.

Namely, disappointment and despair. But, thanks to YouTube, we get to have fun sharing a few laughs at his expense!

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The video below, titled “Gator Haters – Hear This!” is well worth five minutes of your time. OK, it’s probably worth about two minutes, so watch for as long as you can.

If that video didn’t get you jacked up for Gators Football, maybe this will: find a student, and get into the first Florida home game of the season for $5!

I don’t know about you, but that kid on the left is psyched.

And now, for something that isn’t terrible, check out the SEC Network’s awesome new spot they’ll be running this college football season:

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