SunTrust Park construction update: August update

Another month has passed in the construction of SunTrust Park, and some major milestones have been reached since my last update.

The Marietta Daily Journal reports that labor on the stadium has surpassed 425,000 man-hours, and that’s given the construction zone a look that’s beginning to take on the shape of a baseball stadium. Additionally, the report says brick-laying on the park’s exterior will begin soon.

“It’s amazing how if you stay away two or three weeks how much the site changes,” Cobb County Manager David Hankerson told the MDJ.

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The progress is even more evident on this website, as I stay away from the stadium for four weeks between posts, and in the image above, you can clearly see how rapidly the stadium’s construction has accelerated. Six months after the foundation of the ballpark was laid, much of the left-field façade is already in place.

But outside the confines of the new stadium, hope isn’t as widespread. Cobb’s transportation head has preemptively apologized for the traffic problems that will be created by the new stadium, leading to the chuckles and grins from Atlantans who say they’ve called it all along.

Still, construction pushes along in its own little Smyrna bubble, unaware of the traffic problems that lie ahead. There’s no time to think about that; first pitch is just 20 months away.

Here’s my other monthly time-lapse update to the aerial image, courtesy of Xan Gerson, as always:

SunTrust Park construction aerial

If you’d like to browse each of my ground photos individually, you can do that in the slideshow below.

Ground images via Sean Breslin; aerial images via Xan Gerson

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