Josh Smith: Salary cut to $6.9 million will be ‘harder’ on family

Atlanta’s … uhh … favorite(?) native son said something the other day that annoyed quite a few of the commoners.

Former Atlanta Hawk Josh Smith was introduced Tuesday as a new member of the Los Angeles Clippers, and he took questions after that.

He was asked about his $6.9 million contract for the 2015-16 season – $1.5 million of which will be paid by the Clippers and $5.4 million of which will be paid by the Detroit Pistons, his old team.

But Smith would have made $14 million this year had the Pistons not waived him, Yahoo! Sports reported. So what does he think about that pay cut? Here’s Smith’s take:

At the end of the day, you know, I do have a family. But I’m going to push through it, you know.

Look, y’all. I know we all do our best to live within our means, and I know that the bills get bigger when you’re making more money. The houses get bigger, and the lifestyle gets bigger.

But no millionaire athlete is going to get any sympathy when he makes statements like that – especially guys like Josh Smith, who wasn’t all that well-liked to begin with. If he was worried about that paycheck getting thinner at any point in his career, hopefully he was packing that savings account with some of the $91 million he’s made so far in his first 11 seasons in the National Basketball Association.

If anyone’s good at GoFundMe, now might be the time to start one for Josh. He might need it to keep the lights on in the upcoming year.

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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