SunTrust Park construction: July update

When you drive past the SunTrust Park construction site every day, as I do, it’s difficult to see the new stadium’s progress.

But with each passing month, as I snap a new picture, it’s clear as day.

In the last month, the left-field bleachers of SunTrust Park continue to build up, as you can see in the image at the top of this page. And now, other parts of the stadium are beginning to move in the same direction.

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That may not be so clear in the photo I took from the ground, but check out this animated image of the stadium from above. You’ll notice the progress in the left-field bleachers at the bottom of the image, but other parts of the stadium are starting to look good now, too.

As always, this image was compiled by photos from Xan Gerson:

SunTrust Park construction July 2015

Ground image via Sean Breslin; aerial image via Xan Gerson

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