This handy map helps riders navigate Atlanta’s mass transit with ease

Mass transit is a constant struggle for Atlanta residents. It’s hard enough to find a bus or train that will take you where you need to go; even worse, you may find yourself waiting 20 or 30 minutes for it to show up.

There’s a website that can help with these problems. It’s called TRAVIC, which stands for Transit Visualization Client, and it shows all of Atlanta’s buses and MARTA trains in real-time. It gives the rider a constant update of where all trains and buses are located, and if you zoom in far enough on the map to click on one of the moving circles, it will even show you the route taken by that particular form of mass transportation.

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Of course, if you’ve ever lived in a city where mass transit is a big deal, you’ll be shocked at how few of these dots we have floating around Atlanta at any given time. But that’s not much of a surprise to Atlanta residents, and this map can be extra valuable to us because it can save time waiting at stations for dozens of minutes.

If you’d like to compare Atlanta map to a city with real mass transit, check out how fast the dots are moving around on New York City’s map.

TRAVIC has real-time updates on 254 different feeds all over the world, so if you’re reading this from another major city, check out their website. You’re likely to find a similar bus and train map for your town.

Photo: Screenshot via TRAVIC

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