In an awesome turn of events, signs with rap lyrics are turning up all over Atlanta

They’re perfectly placed and look like signs the city put up themselves.

All over Atlanta, two dozen signs have gone up in places that have been mentioned in rap lyrics. From the Georgia Dome to Zoo Atlanta to parts of town that the general public doesn’t typically visit, these signs were being discovered seemingly everywhere in the past few days.

It turns out that they were part of a bigger project that came to Atlanta when New York street artist Jason Shelowitz was invited down for the A3C music festival, said.

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“The idea was to make the signs look like standard municipal street signs, so that they blend into the landscape,” he told Creative Loafing. “If I wanted them to stand out I would have made them a wild color, but I didn’t want them to be overly designed.”

Note: for best viewing, click on the first photo and scroll through using your arrow keys

But city officials have been spotting these signs and removing them, predictably. Some only lasted for a few days, yet they were documented by photographers before being taken down.

It turns out that this isn’t the first time “Jay Shells” has posted rap lyrics like these. In fact, Atlanta is the fourth city where the project has been installed, according to his website.

“So far, over 75 signs have been installed in New York, 75 signs have been installed in Los Angeles and 22 have been installed in Philadelphia,” the website said. “All have since been stolen/removed.”

All images from Jason Shelowitz

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