If the Atlanta Hawks play on Christmas, their uniforms could look like this

The Atlanta Hawks are quickly becoming a big deal, which means the NBA is likely to give them more premier time slots to play in front of a nationally-televised audience.

But are they ready for the biggest regular-season slot of them all – Christmas?

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Time will tell, but in the meantime, we can take a peek at the uniforms they would wear if that dream became a reality. Uni Watch has secured mockups for most of the NBA’s Christmas Day uniforms; here’s a rough estimate of what the Hawks would wear:

Hawks NBA Christmas uniforms

They’re … something. There’s probably a few things that jump out at you. For one, that lime green – the lime green that used to adorn the old-school jerseys – is back.

Also, there’s an interesting new logo on the waistband of the shorts, which is also shaded with that lime green. That new logo happens to look exactly like a logo that was recently trademarked by the Hawks, which should add fuel to the conspiracy-theory fire:

I personally hope this doesn’t mean an end to the “Pac-Man” logo’s resurgence, which returned during last year’s playoffs. But new ownership likely means a lot of change, so Hawks fans may have to be patient and drop a little coin on some new gear.

Uniform photo via Uni Watch; Christmas photo is stock image

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