SunTrust Park construction: May update

The race is on to build SunTrust Park’s skeleton.

Braves executives told the stadium’s concrete decks may be finished as early as November, meaning these monthly updates are going to get a lot more exciting in a hurry. Already, you can see the left-field bleachers beginning to take shape, right in the middle of the photo above.

(Watch: Chipper Jones gave an awesome interview in 1993 as a minor-leaguer)

Crews are working six days a week to keep the pace of construction high, the report added, and remember – this is just the stadium. Elsewhere in the complex, crews are preparing to begin construction on the shops, restaurants and high-rise offices that will fill up the area.

And as you can see, the cranes are still multiplying at the stadium construction site, which will help crews get the outer shell of the stadium completely built before Thanksgiving.

Below is the update to my aerial GIF, courtesy of Xan Gerson:

SunTrust Park construction aerial

Aerial image via Xan Gerson, ground image taken by Sean Breslin

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