Can you guess which NFL fan base has the worst grammar?

Fans of the National Football League aren’t always the most eloquent folks. If you’ve been to a football game in the last 10 years, that probably doesn’t shock you.

The Wall Street Journal recently studied the online comments of all 32 fan bases to see which teams have the most grammatically-unsound writing. They used Grammarly, a grammar-correcting web app, to review hundreds of comments and determine how many errors each fan base made.

The fans who abuse the English language the most?

Hail To The Redskins.

That’s right, nobody has more typos than Washington Redskins fans, at least according to the comments WSJ studied for their data. But you’ll never guess which team’s fans finished in second place.

OK, you probably would. It’s the New Orleans Saints. The Falcons finished No. 10, so at least the Saints were able to top the Falcons in something over the last 12 months.

Here’s the full list so you can find your team. And maybe run a spellcheck on your comment next time before you hit “send.”

Worst NFL fans grammar

Photos: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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