Atlanta named one of the 9 worst-designed cities in the world

Here’s yet another honor for the city of Atlanta that probably won’t be celebrated with a parade or a cake.

According to Thrillist, Atlanta is one of the worst-designed cities in the entire world.

“The traffic here is legendarily awful, due in large part to the massive urban sprawl that resulted from A-Town’s boom in the ’80s and ’90s; the fact that the Interstate 75/85 connector sits smack dab in the middle of downtown Atlanta just exacerbates the problem,” they said.

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Thrillist’s analysis of the City Too Busy To Hate goes on to cite MARTA’s lack of expansion as another reason for our travel woes – a deserving critique.

The bottom line: we designed our city so poorly that if you’re coming through the A-T-L, you better allow for traffic jams and lengthy drive times.

Here are the other 8 cities recognized by Thrillist for their really shoddy design.

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Main image: flickr/joiseyshowaa

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