Paul Johnson is done with your SEC favoritism

Georgia Tech Football head coach Paul Johnson is the kind of guy who says things that can make a lot of people shake their heads in unison.

But that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

After his Yellow Jackets took down nationally-ranked SEC teams Georgia and Mississippi State in two of their final three games last season, Johnson made SEC fans roll their eyes when he happily proclaimed, “For at least a week or two, we don’t have to hear about the SEC.” Fans from just about every other region of the country were probably supportive of that sentiment.

Well, he’s back, and he’s still grilling the good ol’ SEC.

There’s always pride. We’re stuck in the middle of it, and truthfully, you get tired of hearing about it. It’s a fixed game. You watch the polls this year, in preseason they’ll have 10 teams ranked again. I saw where one of the teams that is ranked in the preseason top 20, we’ve won more SEC games than they have. And we’re in the other league. And then what happens is you get them ranked in the top 10, when they beat each other, they don’t ever fall out.

Those comments, as reported by Sports Illustrated, are an oft-repeated gripe of other teams’ fans outside the SEC. But the shot at Arkansas being ranked in this year’s preseason rankings, after GT won “more SEC games than they have,” is absolute gold. If you recall, Arkansas went 2-6 during last year’s SEC schedule, while GT was 2-0 against the SEC.

GT’s two SEC wins came over teams Arkansas lost to, so that probably gave Johnson a little extra ammo. Still, most major sports websites have GT ranked above Arkansas in their preseason rankings, and I think most would argue Tech has a much better chance than the Razorbacks to achieve major success in 2015.

By the way, Johnson is an equal opportunity hater; here’s what he had to say recently about a couple of his ACC Coastal division foes:

Do you, Paul. Do you.

Image: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

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