Evan Gattis is not having a fun time in Houston

To say former Atlanta Braves catcher Evan Gattis has started slowly in the 2015 season would be a bit of an understatement.

Now a designated hitter for the Houston Astros, Gattis has gone 0-for-11 in his first three games at the plate. And it’s even worse than the stats would suggest – he has struck out in each of his last eight at-bats.

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Deadspin drilled down even further and found that he has struck out four times in each of the last two games, and in each of those four-strikeout performances, he’s only seen 17 pitches each. Six of those eight strikeouts were swinging.

It’s hard to watch a guy like Gattis struggling this much. El Oso Blanco was a fan favorite during his two-year stint in Atlanta, and there isn’t a Braves fan out there that’s rooting against him.

But at the same time, Braves fans have to be wondering if their team got everything out of Gattis that he could give at the pro level. Still, it’s only three games, and Gattis will hopefully get back on the right track soon.

He’s not the only problem with that Houston lineup, either. According to ESPN Stats and Info, the Astros’ .096 team batting average is the worst team average through three games in the modern era, dating back to 1900.

Image: AP/Patric Schneider

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