Local terrorist planned to blow up people, Atlanta Falcons schedule

Sadly, when a weirdo plants an IED at a local park, it’s hardly even news anymore. But it’s one of the items Michael Sibley wanted to blow up that’s even stranger.

The 67-year-old Marietta man placed an explosive at a park in northern Fulton County back on Nov. 4, WSB-TV reported. He told the FBI he built the bomb himself and placed it at Vickery Creek Park. The backpack which contained the bomb was found by hikers, the report added.

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Inside the bag that was supposed to explode was also a Quran, a copy of “The Rape of Kuwait,” MARTA schedules, a list of Marcus Jewish Center locations, and …

… an Atlanta Falcons schedule.

It’s hard to understand exactly why Sibley placed that schedule inside the backpack, but one could say it’s the only thing in the bag that needed to be blown up. After all, the Falcons were in the midst of another lousy season at the time the bag was discovered, and I speak for most Falcons fans when I say I wanted to destroy something after many Falcons Sundays.

The difference, of course, is that we didn’t care to kill people or destroy holy books in the process. That’s probably why we’re not being convicted of felonies by the FBI, and Sibley is.

Photo: MikeBenford.com

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