Estately map shows one thing Georgia dominates the most

Georgia is known for a lot of things.

Peaches. Streets named “Peachtree.” OK, really, we’re just known for a lot of things peach-related.

So when real estate app Estately released a map of the one thing each state has most of, per capita, it was a little surprising to see what Georgia was most notable for leading. As you can see above, we’re known for panda bears.

No, seriously.

“There are a few pandas at zoos in D.C, San Diego, and Memphis, but Georgia‚Äôs Zoo Atlanta has the most pandas of any American zoo (5) because Lui Lui and Yang Yang are highly successful at mating,” Estately said in its report.

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And while pandas may not seem like the sexiest thing for which to be known, one look around the other Southern states will show you it could be worse. Am I right, Alabama and Arkansas?

If you’d like to visit all of our fine state’s pandas, pay a visit to Zoo Atlanta, east of downtown.

Just look at that face. That’s the face of a champion.

Zoo Atlanta panda bear

Panda image:

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