The Falcons have a new offensive coordinator, and his track record isn’t great

If there’s one thing Atlanta Falcons fans want in their new group of coaches, it’s stability and a blueprint for victory.

It doesn’t look like they’ll be getting either from their new offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan just turned 35 last month and will be brought aboard by new head coach Dan Quinn, who is expected to become the team’s leader once his role as Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator ends in two weeks.

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The son of famous head coach Mike Shanahan, Kyle hasn’t seen much success out of the offenses he’s led in the past few years.

He has been an offensive coordinator for the last seven seasons – two with the Houston Texans, four with the Washington Redskins and one with the Cleveland Browns. Only one of those teams made the playoffs, and three of those teams finished dead-last in the division.

Even worse, he seems like the kind of spoiled brat you usually get from a coach’s kid. According to a CBS Sports report, when Shanahan was with the Redskins, he wasn’t respected within the organization. He was “granted virtual autonomy by Mike Shanahan to guide the team,” a team that fell flat on their faces en route to a last-place finish in the NFC East.

The report goes on to quote an anonymous former member of the franchise, who said this: “Kyle bitches about everything, and then his father has to fix it. He bitches about the food in the cafeteria, he bitches about the field, he bitches about the equipment. He complains and then Mike takes care of it. Kyle is a big problem there. He is not well liked.”

It’s an anonymous source, so take that for what it’s worth, but stories like this shouldn’t fill Falcons fans with confidence about their new play-caller. Without a doubt, quarterback Matt Ryan will make Shanahan’s life a lot easier than any other quarterback he’s coached in his career, but this team doesn’t need any negative distractions as they attempt to rebuild from two consecutive disastrous seasons.

There’s also this:

Godspeed, Matty Ice. It looks like you’ll have your hands full with this one.


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