Do you miss college football already? Check out this throwback program

The first Saturday after college football season ends can be a rough time.

But Reddit user “moebetta” saved the day. On the Atlanta page, he or she shared 41 photos of an old Georgia Tech program for their 1955 home game against Miami.

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Ten of those photos are posted at the top of this page. They show an awesome flashback to a much simpler time in the sport – you know, when people just wanted to know how much it would cost to purchase cigarettes at the game (image No. 2).

Georgia Tech won 14-6 on Sept. 17, 1955, their first-ever game against Miami. The Yellow Jackets went 9-1-1 that season; the Hurricanes went 6-3. Since then, the two teams have matched up 18 times and won nine games apiece.

And yes, there is footage of the 1955 game, which was provided by CriticalPast.

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