Atlanta seen from above on New Year’s Eve in this stunning photo

Image via Reddit user LuongLens
Image via Reddit user LuongLens

Here’s hoping this photographer got your good side on New Year’s Eve.

A Redditor shared the above image shortly after capturing it from a plane bound for Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport after a trip to Los Angeles. It shows downtown Atlanta all lit up – electrically, though I’m sure a few folks were also “lit up” in the A-T-L on Wednesday night.

It’s a great look at a beautiful city from an angle that we rarely get to see, which makes it all the more spectacular.

(Photos: Breslanta’s Images of 2014)

In the image, you can see the Georgia Dome in the bottom-left, with the lot for the new Unnamed Falcons Stadium below it.

Among the other landmarks that can be seen in the picture are the “Grady Curve” on the bottom-right and Bobby Dodd Stadium just left of center. The big, bright green blob in the upper-left of the image is the Georgia Tech intramural complex.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens and their “Garden Lights” holiday bonanza can also be seen in the top-right of the photo – just look for the bright green and purple lights.

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