Here’s a list of atrocities Kim Jong-Un performs on his own people

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Kim Jong-Un has a problem with a comedy movie pretending to kill him, as you’ve probably heard.

Movie theaters and film companies alike have decided not to move forward with the Dec. 25 premiere of “The Interview” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco because there’s a scene where the North Korean supreme leader is killed. That irritated the dumpy dictator, and his people started making cyber threats against America, should they show the film.

(Like there’s anything they could do about it anyway.)

Kim made himself the judge and jury on what’s decent and indecent in American entertainment, so I decided to make a few decisions myself on what’s indecent about his rule over North Korea. Namely, everything.

But in the interest of your time and my website’s available memory, here’s a shortened list of all the atrocities he’s performed on North Koreans.

You’ve been warned that you may not want to continue reading if you just ate or are currently eating breakfast.

  • People in prison camps were starved to death, then had their bodies burned and disposed of, usually by other prisoners. These and other acts drew comparisons to the war crimes committed by the Nazis in World War II. (New York Daily News)
  • One former prisoner mentioned a time he was so hungry that he found, and ate, kernels of corn he found in cow dung. (National Post)
  • In areas where winter temperatures can drop as low as -40ยบ, prisoners were forced to sleep in cramped quarters with no heat or blankets. (National Post)
  • Children are tortured from the age of 13. (National Post)
  • Torture devices are frequently used on prisoners. People are hung upside-down by their feet, from the ceiling, for multiple days at a time. Teeth are broken. (National Post)
  • Mothers were forced to drown their own babies. (Daily Mail)
  • Following some executions, prison guards forced prisoners to throw stones at the corpse until the skin fell off. (Daily Mail)
  • Rats, frogs, snakes and insects are eaten by starving prisoners, if they can find them while doing slave labor in the fields. Rats are a hugely important meal to the prisoners, as they can fight a disease called pellagra, which is caused by low protein and niacin levels. (Daily Mail)
  • Gas chambers and medical experimentation were used in similar ways as WWII concentration camps. (Rapture Forums)

Yeah, maybe he should be killed, at least in a comedic movie.

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