Are the Braves losing in renderings of SunTrust Park? Technically, no

SunTrust Park scoreboard

Sports fans can find some really crazy things when they look hard enough.

Take, for example, the latest joke being thrown around about the Atlanta Braves’ new stadium, SunTrust Park. Since it won’t open for another two-plus years, all we have to stare at are mock-ups of what they’ll build the stadium to look like when it opens in 2017.

But there’s just one problem – on the new scoreboard, the Braves appear to be losing … to the Washington Nationals.

SunTrust Park scoreboard

If you look closely enough and consider the home team is always on the bottom of a box score, the Braves appear to be trailing 6-3 in the bottom of the seventh inning to the division-rival Nationals. The Braves have one error to their credit and each team has 10 hits.

Fitting that even the stadium designers have no faith in the Braves.

But on Tuesday, social media came to the rescue (after a day of making jokes about it, of course), and proved that the Braves were actually winning in the image projected onto the new scoreboard. The photo used was taken by Beyond the Warning Track, who attended the real-life Sept. 23, 2011 Braves-Nats game in Washington and posted an image of the scoreboard to her blog.

Image via
Image via

If you compare the two images, everything checks out, and they’re exactly the same photo. So the Braves have just projected a real scoreboard into their stadium rendering, and hopefully, in SunTrust Park, they won’t have the exact same scoreboard as the one seen in Washington.

In the game portrayed on the scoreboard, a 7-4 win for the Braves, the error was committed by (surprise!) Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman. Tim Hudson got the win for the Braves and (surprise!) Stephen Strasburg took the loss.

Oh, and only one player in the game recorded three hits, and that was (actual surprise!) Dan Uggla.

Even better, on the day the photo was taken, the Braves were 12.5 games ahead of the Nationals in the NL East race. However, Atlanta still trailed the Philadelphia Phillies by 9.5 games at the time.

Way to crack another mystery, Internet.

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