The best GIFs and Vines of the 2014 college football season

Perhaps the only way to sum up an entire season of college football in one blog post is to recap the best moments.

And by “best,” I mean “most ridiculous.”

So here are my picks for the best animated images and Vine videos of the 2014 college football season.

Things kept going wrong for Alabama in a rivalry game against Auburn, but this dude just reached for another nacho.

A Minnesota Man crushes an ice cream bar in 20-degree weather.

A Texas player just hits his teammate in the face.

Michigan Football’s decline, summed up in one GIF.

A Tennessee fan wants to be part of a touchdown celebration, and it goes horribly wrong.

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini might have left a little something on a coach’s face after chewing him out.

Florida’s offensive linemen block each other … again.

A Virginia student using a goose as a microphone? Sure, why not.

Look alive, buddy.

Ohio State’s Evan Spencer makes a crazy one-handed catch.

An LSU player might win an Oscar after this acting job.

Auburn’s offensive coordinator goes down on the slick turf.

Brendan Douglas goes over the top for a touchdown against Missouri.

And for the grand finale, Lee Corso and Stone Cold Steve Austin drank beer at 11 a.m. Central time on the College Gameday set.

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