LOOK: Florida State is making SEC fans cry again

Poor SEC fans, reduced to tears because they just can’t stand the sight of the best team in the Southeast hailing from the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Exactly 24 months ago, the Florida State Seminoles lost their final game of the 2012 regular season to the Florida Gators. They haven’t lost a single game since.

Now, it appears SEC fans are hitching their wagon to the listless Gators yet again. A Florida team that’s 1-4 against the ACC in the last three years (the lone victory being the aforementioned win against FSU in 2012), while FSU has gone 26-1 against the ACC during that same stretch.

The video above was posted and created by Saturday Down South as some kind of final plea to the Gators to do what the SEC and the rest of the college football world have been unable to do for the last 27 games – beat FSU.

I don’t necessarily enjoy watching my alma mater become the villain of college football, or at least Southern college football, but I guess I should have seen it coming. Regardless of what has happened off the field, SEC fans would have found a reason, any reason, to hate Florida State for the way they’ve stepped in and set a torch to the status quo and the previous belief that their beloved conference was untouchable.

Nonetheless, the video SDS created was cute, and it’s always nice to see my favorite college football team making those poor, tortured souls of the SEC shed a few tears because it’s been 22 months since they could beat their chests and tell everyone about the strength of their conference.

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