Here’s how Florida Gators’ fake-kick hero Mike McNeely celebrated on Sunday

AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton
AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton

There was no bigger surprise in college football’s Saturday games than what the Florida Gators did to the Georgia Bulldogs.

The World’s Largest Cocktail Party was turned into a boatrace, as heavily-favored UGA was completely overwhelmed by Florida’s running game. The Gators would win 38-20, but it was their first touchdown of the day that was arguably the most exciting.

Wide receiver Mike McNeely, a former walk-on, became an unlikely hero in an unlikely upset when he took the snap on what appeared to be a field goal attempt. Then, he stood up and scampered toward the end zone.

Twenty-one yards later, McNeely tied the game, cementing his spot as a Gator hero for years to come.

“The guy’s a good football player,” Florida head coach Will Muschamp told the Tampa Bay Times. “I didn’t even blink putting Mike in there. Our team got charged up a little bit on the fake field goal. I think they understood the aggressiveness we were approaching the game with as a staff.”

So what did McNeely do once the team returned to Gainesville after their biggest win in two years?

He went to work, of course. No, not on the football field – he literally went to work.

The Florida Times-Union reports McNeely has been working at Publix since 2008, and he wasn’t going to skip his shift because of a little newfound fame.

McNeely was awarded a scholarship by Muschamp before the 2014 season began, and two weeks ago, he was accepted to UF’s Medical School, the Florida Times-Union also reported.

I have to imagine the line was quite long at whichever register McNeely was working Sunday, as there were likely many Gator fans looking to discuss that play with him.

Video of the fake field goal that tied the game 7-7 is below.

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