Florida State can’t let Karlos Williams play Thursday night

AP Photo/Steve Cannon
AP Photo/Steve Cannon

It happened again.

I was minding my own business at work Monday afternoon, checking Twitter for possible breaking news in my own profession, when I saw it scroll across my timeline:

“The Tallahassee Police Department is currently working an alleged domestic battery involving Karlos Williams.”

That’s Florida State starting running back Karlos Williams, as if there was any doubt. It’s anyone’s guess as to why the Tallahassee Police Department decided to announce they’re investigating a case on its Facebook page – perhaps it was a response to recent allegations that they’re a party to cover-ups when football players screw up.

Regardless, the Florida State Seminoles cannot take the field Thursday night in Louisville with Williams in uniform.

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It’s absolutely true that Williams is innocent until proven guilty, and it’s unfair that other off-the-field issues from other players put FSU in a bad light long before this accusation.

But this is the one thing a football player absolutely can’t do right now and still take the field. Domestic abuse has been elevated to new levels of anger within the Court of Public Opinion since the Ray Rice incident, and it’s going to be the last straw for many college football fans if Williams takes the field with this case looming over his head.

I’m tired of my alma mater being dragged through the mud, but that won’t stop until these kids stop making the news for the things they’re doing off the field. They also can’t win the public back if they continue to allow kids to play when they’re in trouble with the law. If the coaching staff lets Williams make the trip for this crucial Thursday night contest, they’re digging their own grave.

And if Williams really did strike his pregnant girlfriend, there’s no need for him to be on the roster for another day. If the allegations are true, we’ve all been misled that Williams is a good kid, and it’s just more bad news for a fan base that is mentally exhausted from hearing about constant missteps.

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