Meet Bryan Allen, the guy who busted UGA’s Todd Gurley

Bryan Allen became a hated figure in Georgia when he ratted out Georgia running back Todd Gurley for trading his autograph for cash. Gurley was suspended four games and tore his ACL in his first game back. (Screenshot via YouTube)

According to multiple sources, a guy named Bryan Allen is the guy who gave Georgia running back Todd Gurley all kinds of money to sign sports memorabilia.

Allen was a sports memorabilia store owner in Rome, Georgia, until his shop went out of business in 2013. You can see in the video below that a Bryan Allen was the owner of said store, and SB Nation reports this is the same person who turned in Gurley for taking money to sign autographs.

Ready for your blood to boil, Georgia fans? SB Nation also found Allen’s social media accounts – which have since been deleted – and discovered that he’s a fan of the Florida Gators.

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Most level-headed Florida fans (all nine of them) will probably condemn Allen’s behavior as he attempted to even up the rivalry and bring UGA’s best football player down. But it’s just another sign that college football is really insane in the South, and fans will stop at nothing to give their favorite team an edge over everyone else.

ESPN reports Allen has hired the same lawyer who represented Ray Lewis during his murder trial, but Allen hasn’t made a public statement. Still, you can see from the stellar reporting done by SB Nation that this is, in all likelihood, the guy who brought Todd Gurley down.

And he might want to flee the South as soon as he possibly can.

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