The Atlanta Hawks unveiled their new court, and it’s incredible

The Pac is officially back.

After the Atlanta Hawks re-released their old logo during Game 6 of last year’s NBA Playoffs in a game against the Indiana Pacers, the franchise promised the throwback emblem would be seen plenty more during the 2014-15 season. Today on Twitter, the franchise showed the basketball world exactly what they meant.

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Behold, the new court at Philips Arena:

The “Pac-Man” logo will rest at mid-court all season, and the rest of the playing surface is crisper and cleaner. The hardwood has been stained a lighter shade, and out-of-bounds is now red instead of gold. The paint inside the key will be switched from blue to red.

Hey, anything’s better than the Hawks’ color scheme on the court in the mid-2000s.

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