Florida State lacks style points yet again, but just keeps winning

AP Photo/Steve Cannon
AP Photo/Steve Cannon

Luckily, when you’re the No. 1 team in the country, style points don’t matter much.

But in a day and age where every football game is televised, fans want to catch five-minute glimpses of each team and then move on. For Florida State, football fans expect to see the Seminoles score early and often, and then they move on to other games. If they see FSU didn’t score in the first quarter against a lesser foe, they assume FSU is overrated and demand a drop in the polls.

Since FSU went down 24-7 after 15 minutes of last week’s game at NC State, they’re on a 92-20 run. That’s a good start, even though starts remain the problem. In the last two weeks – against Wake Forest and NC State – the ‘Noles have a combined 10 points in the first frame of those two contests.

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It’s OK if you’re playing a team like Wake. But in just a few weeks, Notre Dame comes calling. Then a Thursday night game at Louisville. Then the surging Virginia Cavaliers. FSU is about to walk through a field of land mines, and if they stumble early in any of those games, their championship hopes could get blown up.

For at least the next few weeks, FSU will have to rely on freshmen due to a litany of injuries. However, this is why Jimbo Fisher stacks top-10 recruiting classes like poker chips – Florida State’s freshmen are grown-ass men, capable of stepping in and taking over a ballgame.

But even with an ever-growing list of injuries, the Seminoles just keep winning, though not all of their wins have been pretty. On Saturday, we saw how hard that is to do when the heavy-hitters are finally done playing the UAB’s and the Middle Tennessee State’s of the world.

It’s likely that FSU will host a top-5 Notre Dame team in two weeks, especially after the shakeup that’s coming in the polls Sunday afternoon. College Gameday could be back to feature FSU for the third time in seven games this season when the Irish come to town on Oct. 18.

Even with all the question marks, it’s still good to be No. 1 with a 21-game winning streak. Win pretty or win ugly; Just keep winning.

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