Atlanta’s sports teams pick up a pretty terrible distinction

AP Photo/Don Boomer
AP Photo/Don Boomer

For years, Atlanta’s sports teams have been knocking on the door. Finally, we’re No. 1.

No. 1 on the Forbes list of the most miserable sports cities, that is.

The annual list of tortured towns was released on this week, and, thanks to the Falcons, Braves, Hawks and (R.I.P.) Thrashers, no other city’s fans have endured as much heartbreak as our fine city.

Wear it like a badge of courage, because we all went through hell to get it.

Atlanta probably made it to the top spot because of its sports successes, believe it or not. The rankings had several factors that went into the final formula, Forbes says, and one of those factors scored cities even higher if they made it deep into postseasons but didn’t win it all. So it hurts even more, understandably, that our teams are frequently in the playoffs but never bring home the big prize.

According to the study’s research, Atlanta’s major sports teams have played 162 combined seasons and won one championship – the 1995 World Series, brought home by the Braves. The team they beat that year, the Cleveland Indians, play in the city that ranked third in this year’s misery poll.

Rounding out the top five of the Forbes misery poll were Phoenix, San Diego and Buffalo.

Of the five Atlanta teams studied by Forbes (Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers and Flames), there’s a combined 6-10 record in semifinal games or series, and a combined 1-5 record in the championship round.

Now, nobody expects the city’s teams to win every time they go deep into the playoffs. After all, the competition is really tough when you’re playing the best teams in the league. But those records just aren’t getting it done, and they’re making fans miserable.

Finally, however, we’re kings of something. Even if it is being completely miserable.

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