Here’s what you’ll see from the Falcons on Tuesday night’s premiere of ‘Hard Knocks’

AP Photo/Jason Getz
AP Photo/Jason Getz

Between the Ebola Pair and the Falcons’ debut on HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” you have to figure Tuesday night – from network television to premium cable – will be dominated by the A-T-L.

The NFL training camp all-access show will feature the Atlanta Falcons this year, following the squad in every facet of the players’ lives during Training Camp. Tuesday night is the first episode, starting at 10 p.m. Eastern. Episode 1 is expected to take a look at the opening week of training camp and might include some footage of the weeks leading up to camp as the players prepare for another season.

A lot of fans don’t like their team being featured on the show, arguing it’s an added distraction. I understand the Falcons’ need to start the season on the right foot, especially considering the mistakes of the 2013 campaign.

But I also believe the distractions aren’t that big a deal. I love seeing the more personal side of football players, and can’t wait to learn more about my favorite pro football team.

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As first reported by, it appears defensive lineman Kroy Biermann and rookie offensive lineman Jake Matthews will get into a little dust-up during Tuesday evening’s episode. HBO released a teaser clip of the two getting into it during the first week of camp.

Here’s a clip of the skirmish that was posted to the Hard Knocks Facebook page.

It’s refreshing to see a little fight in these guys, as long as it doesn’t lead to injuries. Falcons fans are eager to see the players scratch and claw for every chance to make the 2014 season better than the disaster that occurred in 2013, and training camp tussles are usually a sign players are hungry to improve.

I also love seeing Matthews establish himself as a force on the offensive line. The Falcons drafted him in the first round of this year’s draft because they needed to make their offensive line stronger and nastier, and if he’s fighting a seasoned veteran in his first week of camp, it’s a promising sign he won’t be afraid to jump into the fray if someone takes a cheap shot at his quarterback.

Get excited, Falcons fans. This season, we get to see a lot more of our team in prime time than usual, thanks to HBO.

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