Atlanta’s most iconic signs listed by Curbed Atlanta

Atlanta might be known as a city that tears things down instead of preserving rich history, but these signs prove there’s another side to that argument.

Curbed Atlanta has released a list of its most iconic signage all over Atlanta, with 15 marquees making the cut. Many of them date back at least half a century – some are nearly 100 years old. You can see all 15, in pictures, in the slideshow below.

But even with more than a dozen famous signs listed, some really important ones were left off.

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Some honorable mentions, in my opinion:

Underground Atlanta
The Olympic Rings
The CNN Marquee
The Colonnade
Sweetwater Brewery
Any others you can think of? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

Note: for best viewing, click on the first photo and scroll through using your arrow keys.

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